Princh Rollout plan

The Rollout plan is intended to give you and your organization an idea about the time frame and activities required to get started with Princh.

The following table is provided to help you and your team organize and delegate the various tasks detailed below. The activities described may not apply to all Princh solutions, however parts that are not included in your organizations Princh solution can be skipped.

Note: The first four installation- or setup activities are completed during a scheduled installation in collaboration with the Princh Support Team unless other procedures have been arranged.

Princh Rollout Plan



It takes...

 Princh Administration Panel preparation   (Create locations, printers and   PrinchCloudConnector)

Administration Panel setup guides

15 min

 Install the Princh Cloud Connector and verify     the connections to the printers

Princh Installation guides

20 min

 Install Princh Cloud Printer on public access PCs

PCP installation guide

3-5 min per PC (if installed manually)

 Secure Release/Copy & Scan - Setup the tablet   at the printer

Tablet setup guide

30 – 40 min per printer

Complete the Company Profile section of the Princh Administration Panel

Company profile guide

10-15 min

 Carry-out the Staff Introduction session with all   relevant team members

Staff Introduction

45 min

 Provide staff access to the Administration Panel   and other Princh resources

User account guide

10 min

 Create print guide(s) and place them near the   printer(s)

Print Guides

5 min per printer

 Post information about Princh on your website   and social media accounts

Promotional Materials

5 min