Company Profile

The 'Company Profile' tab in the Princh Administation Panel provides an easy way for your organization to input all the essential information required by Princh in one page.

It is crucial for a member of your organization to fill out the 'Company Profile' tab in order for Princh to access important information about your organization, such as contact details, banking information, and tax details. This ensures that Princh has all the necessary information to provide you with the best service possible.

Organizational Details - These details should be filled in before the solution goes live:

  • Operational Responsible - This is the main contact for all information regarding Princh.
  • IT Responsible - This person is involved in installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. 
  • Communication Responsible - This team member is responsible for communicating with your users, ideally they will promote the service and gather feedback from users.
  • Accounting Responsible - This is the person who handles payment for the Princh subscription.
  • Quarterly Account Statement receiver - This contact will receive the quarterly statements from Princh.
    • Note: Multiple contacts can be added here.
  • Bank Information and Billing Address

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