Print Guides for users

Print guide posters are integral to Princh, as they ensure that users know where to start and how to proceed when using Princh.

The Princh Print Guide Creator offers a variety of customizable posters, which collectively contain all the information needed for users wanting to print, copy or scan using Princh. This includes:

print guide
  • A short written print guide for selected devices.
  • Pricing for available formats.
  • Printer ID.
  • QR-code to print in under 60 seconds.
  • Options for custom logo and message.

To create the Princh Print Guide Posters, the unique printer ID is utilized. This printer ID is automatically assigned to a printer once created in the Princh Administration Panel. The Print Guide Creator utilizes the information associated with the printer's unique ID, which is stored in the Admin Panel. This information includes pricing, format, and color choices. Using this data, the Print Guide Creator generates the contents for the posters.

How to make a Print Guide Poster

Creating a Princh Print Guide Poster is an easy and intuitive process, taking only takes a few minutes from generating the poster to it being print ready.

The Print Guide Poster Creator can be located in our Welcome Center, along with other useful introductory materials and documentation - for more information about the Welcome Center, click HERE.

Once the printer ID has been entered in the Print Guide Poster Creator, you'll have the different options of poster customization on the left side of your screen.

Types of Print Guide Posters

  • Print
  • Print (Chromebook version)
  • Copy & Scan
  • Print in under 60 seconds

In addition to the standard 'Print' guide poster, we highly recommend using the 'Print in under 60 seconds' QR-code poster as an additional option, making printing even easier for users bringing their own device(s).

Information Cards

We also recommend having the smaller premade information cards on hand. These are useful to place in areas where people print from PCs or laptops, when it might not be near a printer.

Another great application for the information cards, would be handing them out to or placing them at location to promote Princh as part of your organizations offered/provided services.