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Overview of the Onboarding Process

Getting Princh up and running at your organization is simple, but you’ll want to arrange for a few key members of the team to be on hand for a smooth transition. 

Introduction to Princh - Prior to starting your Princh onboarding journey, a Princh sales representative, will in most cases have presented you with the core features, as well as the essential information about Princh. But in case, you're still curious and want to learn more about Princh or have not yet had a chance to chat with our sales team, consider reading through some of our introductory material listed below. 

Before installation - Carefully read through the relevant technical requirements for Princh to ensure all the necessary materials are in place. 

Coordination across teams and departments may be required to ensure installation can be completed at the designated time. Consider if you will need to reach out to the following:

  • Your IT department or the person who can provide access to the network and firewall settings.
  • The team that manages your printers may also need to grant access for the printers to be configured.
  • When installation involves public access computers, you may need to ensure the department managing software on the PCs are available.

After Installation - Completing these last steps of the onboarding process are vital to achieving a successful implementation of Princh. 

  • Create staff users in the Admin Panel - All members of the team that handle Princh need to have access to the Admin Panel. 
  • Staff training - This can be done in different ways, our recommendation is to first provide an introductory session with the whole team, and then make sure all relevant members of the team are able to complete the Princh staff training course
  • Make print guides - Any member of the team can use the poster creator to print a poster for each printer and place this in an accessible place, usually near the printer. Using our Welcome Center, the team can also print the smaller "info cards" and make these available to users where relevant. 
  • Promote Princh - The member of your team that deals with your website and social media channels should post information about Princh in those places. We offer Ready-made promo materials in our Welcome Center to help with this task.

Organizational Details - To finalize the Princh setup, there are vital contact, banking and tax details required in the Administration Panel. These details should be filled in before the solution goes live.

Contacts required: 

  • Operational Responsible - This is the main contact for all information regarding Princh.
  • IT Responsible - This person is involved in installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. 
  • Communication Responsible - This team member is responsible for communicating with your users, ideally they will promote the service and gather feedback from users.
  • Accounting Responsible - This is the person who handles payment for the Princh subscription.
  • Quarterly Account Statement receiver - This contact will receive the quarterly statements from Princh.
    • Note: Multiple contacts can be added here.

Other information required:

  • Tax number.
  • Bank information.
    • This is used by Princh to transfer the revenue from electronic payments on a quarterly basis.
  • Billing address.
    • This is used by Princh for account statements and invoices.