Key features and Benefits of Princh

Why Princh is the top pick for organizations around the world!

Printing and payment for all devices

Princh offers self-service bring your own device (BYOD) printing and payment which simplifies the entire process for everyone. Users can easily and intuitively submit documents and quickly pay using their preferred payment method from their own devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Princh has also optimized printing and payment from public PCs where users follow the same printing procedure they are already accustomed to, and then have the option to easily pay electronically from the computer they are working from rather than using a kiosk or waiting at the staff desk.

Revolutionary copying and scanning

The majority of printers offer the functionality to copy and scan, but using the printer’s native controls is complicated and it can be an overwhelming task to attempt without assistance. Our user-friendly solution removes all complexity and staff involvement from copying, scanning and the subsequent payment process.

Princh copy & scan was designed to offer the best possible user experience; our wizard-based flow will guide users through the process using large and clear buttons. There is a forced preview of the document(s) to prevent errors and users can pay for their document(s) via their preferred payment method.

Try our interactive guide below: click here to view in full screen

Want to see how scanning works? Click here to view our interactive scanning guide. 

Truly integrated electronic payment

Princh offers multiple payment options which are integrated into the software, making the experience quick and user-friendly with no need for any hardware, such as kiosks, card machines or coin boxes.

The payment options include cash, credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and various payment apps, and these options can be enabled or disabled at your discretion, in order to suit the needs of your organization.

Uniquely, Princh holds all the electronic payment agreements so there is absolutely nothing else for your organization to set-up to accept electronic transactions. Our global agreement enables us to offer the lowest transaction costs possible. Additionally, all your printing and copying revenue from electronic payments, is automatically returned to you along with an informative account statement.

Print and pay without having to download an app

Princh has removed all the typical barriers from the printing and payment process to ensure the user-experience is virtually effortless.

Users are not required to download any apps, there are no logins to remember, and absolutely no funds to top-up whatsoever. This means even first-time users can simply walk-in, scan a QR code, choose their documents, allowing printing and payment in under 60 seconds

The streamlined printing- and payment process, which eliminates any obstacles for users, leads to fewer printing queries for staff and ultimately results in happier users.. 

See it for yourself: Print in under 60 seconds

No user accounts required

Unlike other solutions, Princh does not require users to create an account to print, copy or scan. Princh offers a pure pay-as-you-go structure. This means users never have to remember usernames or passwords to use Princh, and there is no need to deposit funds.

Because users only pay for the printing, copying and scanning that they need there is absolutely no need to manage user data and account balances which lowers the compliance burden for your organization.

Having no accounts and nothing to top-up provides an obstacle-free printing experience making Princh the most accessible solution for all users, even if they are less experienced with technology.

User-centric design

Princh was created in collaboration with our customers and users around the world. We have several years of experience working with staff and users based in both the public and private sectors. The feedback generated across all regions has enabled us to develop our products to be exceptionally intuitive and user-friendly for everyone, from IT experts to those with much less technology experience.

Princh is truly self-service, allowing users to easily print, copy, scan and pay without assistance. This ultimately allows staff to allocate their time elsewhere.

Compatible with any printer

You don’t need to change any existing hardware to get Princh which means you can offer Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) printing without purchasing new printers. Our printing solution is compatible with any printer so there is no need to purchase new equipment to use Princh.

If you are interested in acquiring new equipment, Princh is also here to assist you in choosing the best printers that meet the needs of your organization. Feel free to contact Princh Support for further guidance and support in making the right decision!

Quick and easy installation

Princh is very quick and easy to install. Our cloud-based solution can easily be deployed on large networks, and depending on the Princh solution, we can carry out the remote installation for you in as little as 40-45 minutes. Updates and maintenance are handled by us, so you can focus on your customers instead of managing software.

Current setup remains intact

Princh functions seamlessly alongside other systems in place at your organization, including existing connections to the printers. Staff members can continue to print using the same printer they have always used, even with the implementation of Princh.

Because Princh does not interfere with the current setup, staff can continue using the same printer as usual, while all users must print and pay through Princh.