What is Princh?

Looking for a new printing solution? Princh is the standard for simple and secure printing, copying, scanning and payment in the public space.

With Princh, users can easily print, copy, scan, and pay for their documents from their mobile devices, laptops, or your organization's public PCs. The printing process is facilitated through the Princh web app, as well as the Princh iOS and Android apps.

Based on the idea of the sharing economy, our solution makes it easy to find a printer and print from phones, tablets and laptops and pay for the service electronically or by cash. Our solution does not require any user accounts, usernames or passwords, making the process of printing and paying fast and seamless. Users can simply print, copy, scan and pay by following the intuitive process. The printing process is fast, easy and staff involvement is not required. 

Using Princh can have a CO2 footprint that is more than 25 times smaller than that of using a regular home printer.

We have elevated the document services for organizations across multiple sectors including libraries, dorms, shared workspaces, higher education, retail, and hospitality. When a new site joins our network of connected printers, it can be located through our “Find a printer” page for users to always find a printer nearby. If you're curious what our current customers have to say about Princh, explore the many testimonials from Princh customers all across the globe right here!

Our Princhiples

At Princh, we embody a specific set of core principles that allow us to excel in creating a fantastic product our customers love.

  1. We put customers first
  2. We don’t do average
  3. We do more with less
  4. We have fun
  5. We listen

We enjoy building solutions that our users love. And in a time where many need to print less and less, we offer a (way more!) sustainable alternative to having a printer at home.