How to set-up your Princh printer on direct network connection?

The TCP port and URL path details are related to the make and model of the printer you are using.

When connecting your Printer via Princh you will have the option to select between different connection types. Connecting via Secure Network Connection(IPPS) is our recommended connection type. Direct network connection(IPP) will have a similar setup process as IPPS. 

To access the printer connection on Princh:

1. Select the "Connector" tab on the left of the screen

2. Select "Edit" on the printer you would like to set-up

3. You will then see this screen. 

4. Input the printer IP address.

5. Select next, if it fails, try other variations on the TCP port and URL path. If you don't know it for your specific printer, refer to the guide below. 

The IP address will always remain the same for a printer, regardless of TCP port or URL path. 
Common format

URL PATH:/ipp/print

Common format 2

URL PATH:/ipp/print

Konica Printers


URL PATH:/ipp/

If it still is not successful, we recommend setting it up with an alternative connection type.

If it is successful, restart the connector.