How to configure a Princh printer using Windows Print Queue

Connect your printer using a Windows Print Queue configured locally on your print server.

When connecting your Printer via Princh you will have the option to select between different connection types. If your printer make and model does not support either a Secure Network Connection(IPPS) or Direct network connection (IPP), which is highly recommend, it is also possible to connect the printer using a Windows Print Queue.

If your printer supports either IPPS or IPP, please refer to THIS GUIDE.

How to set up your Princh printer using a Windows Print Queue

  1. Create and configure the selected printer on the Princh dedicated print server or PC.
    1. Name the Windows Print Queue using your preferred naming convention.
      1. The local Windows Print Queue name is used by Princh to connect to the printer, so please ensure that the name is not changed to ensure a stable connection.
  2. Navigate to the Princh Administration panel and click the 'Connectors' tab in the menu to the left.

  3. Press the blue 'Edit' button on the desired printer you want to connect or change.

  4. In the Printer Connection Type drop-down menu, select "Windows Printer Queue".

  5. Copy the local printer queue name from the printer properties.

  6. Paste or input the local printer queue name in the printer connection window in the Princh Administration Panel and proceed with the button 'Next'.

  7. Based on the prompted connection status:
    1. If the printer successfully connected, restart the connector to confirm the changes.
    2. If the printer did not successfully connect, please contact Princh Support for further assistance.