How to set up a tablet for Copy & Scan

If your organization is using an Android tablet for the Copy & Scan solution, a dedicated Princh application is available through the Google Play Store.

The Princh application, Princh Cloud Console, is the dedicated interface for both the Copy & Scan solution, as well as the Manual Release feature. It can be found and installed through the Google Play Store. Setting up the tablet for the Copy & Scan solution involves two simple steps:

  • Enable Copy & Scan in the Princh Administration Panel. Before installing the Princh Cloud Console, please refer to our guide on how to enable Copy & Scan.
  • Installing and configuring the Princh Cloud Console application on the tablet.

Interested in adding the Copy & Scan to your Princh solution? The Technical Requirements for Copy & Scan can be found HERE.

Installing and configuring the Princh Cloud Console application the tablet

  1. Navigate to and open up the Google Play Store on your Android tablet.

  2. Search for "Princh Cloud Console" and install the application.

  3. When you open the application for the first time, you will need to log in using your Princh user account. This is the same email and password that you use for the Princh Administration Panel.
    1. Both Princh staff members and administrators can utilize their accounts to log in to the tablet. Logging in will not have any impact on your account.
  4. After logging into the Princh application, you will be prompted to enter the Printer ID for the assigned printer. You can find the Printer ID in the Princh Administration Panel.
    1. If you have enabled Manual Release enabled, you can check the box "Allow print-jobs to other printers on the location to be released from this device". This means that print jobs sent to a different printer can still be released from the tablet you are setting up, even if they have a different printer ID. This feature is particularly useful if you have multiple printers at the same location, but only one tablet available for releasing print jobs. It's important to note that the print jobs will still be printed at the specific printer they were originally sent to.

  5. Once the setup is complete, a confirmation message will appear.

  6. Depending on what options are activated for the printer, you can now choose between the buttons "Scan to Email", "Copy" or "Release Print Job".

If assistance is needed for the tablet or application setup, please contact Princh Support.