How to configure a Princh printer via a direct network connection

The TCP port and URL path details are related to the make and model of the printer you are using. Follow the guide below for more information.

When connecting your Printer via Princh you will have the option to select between different connection types. Connecting via Secure Network Connection(IPPS) is our recommended connection type. If IPPS is not supported, Direct network connection (IPP) will have a similar setup process.

Before attempting to connect the printer, ensure that IPP(S) is enabled on the printer and relevant TCP ports allow outbound traffic.

How to configure a Princh printer via a direct network connection:

  1. Select the "Connectors" tab to the left on the screen in the Princh Administration Panel.

  2. Select "Edit" on the printer you would like to connect and proceed to press the blue pencil icon next to "Printer Connection URl".

  3. The following screen will appear. Input the IP address of the printer.

  4. Select the TCP port specific to your printer model and press "Next". If it fails, try other variations on the TCP port and URL path. If you don't know which port to use for your specific printer, we recommend referring to the common formats below: 
          1. Common format
            TCP PORT:631

            URL PATH:/ipp/print

            Common format 2
            TCP PORT:431

            URL PATH:/ipp/print

            Konica Printers

            TCP PORT:80

            URL PATH:/ipp/

  5. Depending on the connection status that prompts:
    1. If the printer successfully connected, restart the connector to confirm the changes.
    2. If the printer did not successfully connect, we recommend setting it up with an alternative connection type or contacting Princh Support for further assistance.

If you are using Princh Copy & Scan as part of your organization's solution, please refer to our article on how to configure a connection to a printer scanner device using eSCL