The 'Connectors' tab provides your organization with easy access to create, control or monitor the status of your Princh Cloud Connector.

The Princh Cloud Connector allows Princh customers to connect their local network printers to Princh's cloud-based print management solution using any modern server or PC. The configuration process of the Princh Cloud Connector can be conveniently carried out from the 'Connectors' tab in the Princh Administration Panel, which includes features such as:

  • Creation and configuration of new connectors.
    • A guide on how to install a new Princh Cloud Connector can be found RIGHT HERE
  • Configuration of local printer connection for printers assigned to a connector.
    • A guide on how to configure the local printer connection can be found RIGHT HERE.     

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Connector status

In order for any print or copy jobs to be processed through Princh, the Princh Cloud Connector must remain online. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly monitor the status of your connector to ensure a seamless printing and copying experience with Princh.

Having trouble getting your connector online? Check out our articles on troubleshooting the Princh Cloud Connector or contact the Princh Support team for further assistance.