The correct printer doesn't appear in the printer selection when printing from Public PC's

The Princh application for Public PC's is installed, but the correct printer is not on the list when selecting what Princh printer to print from.


If you cannot locate the right printer in the printer list while choosing a printer to print from on public PCs, it may be due to the accidental deletion of the print queue or changes in its configuration.


    1. When you install Princh Cloud Printer on a public PC, the printers assigned to that specific location in the Princh Administration Panel will automatically have a print queue configured on the public PC. This means that each printer, assigned to a location, will become an option for selection on that public PC simply by installing the client. If you can't find a printer in the printer list, try the following steps:
      1. Reinstalling the PC client: Access the Princh Administration Panel, then navigate to the "Locations & Printers" tab in the menu on the left.
        1. Identify the specific location where the public PCs are located and click on "Download PC Client For Location". The file can be used for every public PC located within that specific location and will automatically create and configure each of the printers assigned to that location.

    For Linux-based public PCs, you will need to manually set up the CUPS print queues that are missing. This can be done either individually on each PC or by using a preferred deployment method.
    1. For more information about how manually configure a new CUPS print queue, please refer to our article covering this topic.

If reinstalling Princh Cloud Printer on the public PC does not resolve the problem, please contact our support team at for further assistance.