How to download and install Princh Cloud Printer on Linux based public PC's

Princh Cloud Printer (PCP) is the Princh application dedicated to enable secure and convenient printing from your organization's public PCs. You can download and install PCP by following the guide below.

Princh Cloud Printer is compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems on public PC's. If your organization utilizes Linux as its primary operating system for public PC's, please follow the installation guide provided below. If you're utilizing Windows as the standard operating system, please refer to THIS guide.

Before you begin the installation process, please make sure that your Princh subscription includes the Princh solution for public PCs. If your organization is interested in adding Princh for public PCs, we recommend visiting our Princh Subscription page for more information and getting started.

How to set up PCP for Linux

  1. Open a terminal and run the following command to download the installation package from the Princh repository:

     $ wget -O pcp.deb

  2. In the terminal, navigate to the folder where the pcp.deb installation file is located, most commonly found in the folder "Downloads" and run the following command:

    $ sudo dpkg -i pcp.deb
  3. After the installation process is complete, proceed to finalize the configuration by running the following command. Provide the necessary details as prompted.

    $ princh-setup
        1. Printer name:
          1. You are free to choose any name for the printer, but make sure to avoid using special characters or spaces in the name.
        2. Device ID (printer ID):
          1. The printer ID be identified through the Princh Administration Panel.
        3. Description:Driver [ISO/US]:
          1. Choose the appropriate option based on your location. Select US for North American locations and ISO for the rest of the world.
        4. Make default? [y/N]
          1. If you select "yes," the Princh Cloud Printer application will automatically be selected as the default printer.
    1. Once the configuration is finished, Princh Cloud Printer is installed and ready for use.

If further assistance is needed, please contact Princh Support.