The 'Printers' tab in the Princh Administration Panel is a convenient page to get an overview of the status of your Princh dedicated printers.

The 'Printers' tab serves two main purposes. First, it provides information about the current status of your printers and secondly, it enables you or your organization to create new printers in the Princh Administration Panel. 

  1. Creating new printers: Adding a new printer in the Princh Administration Panel is very easy. Simply enter a name for the printer, and our system will automatically generate a unique printerID for the printer. After creating the printer, you can easily assign it to a specific location and connector. This allows you to configure the printer connection and settings according to your needs.
  2. Printer status and information: From the 'Printers' tab, you'll also have relevant information available such as 'Printer Name', 'Printer ID' and 'Status'. This feature allows you to easily monitor and address any problems that may arise with your printers.

Additionally, you have the option of enabling or disabling a specific printer in situations where it may require maintenance, be unavailable, or other similar reasons. When a printer is disabled, it is not possible to send any print jobs to the printer using Princh. Before uploading documents and making a payment, the user will receive an error message alerting them that the printer is unavailable.

By hovering over the 'Status' icons, more details about the printer's current status can appear. This feature provides additional information so you can quickly understand and address any issues that may arise with your printers.