How to identify if a printer needs maintenance

From the Princh Administration Panel you are able to see if any of your printers are reporting an error to Princh.

Step by step

  1. Log in to the Princh Administration Panel.
  2. Go to "Printers" in the menu on the left.
  3. Now, all the printers that you're using with Princh are visible in the list.
  4. Use the mouse to hover over the status indicator icon for the printer and wait for the small speech bubble to appear.

Types of printer status

  • Offline: This means the Princh Cloud Connector can't reach the printer. This could mean the printer is off at the moment or that there is a network issue. Please refer to our guide on how to troubleshoot an offline printer - RIGHT HERE.
  • Paper supply is low: The printer is close to running out of paper. Refill the paper and this message will disappear.
  • Marker supply is low: The printer will run out of toner/ink soon. Some printers will report this issue even if there is still enough left for 100 prints. You need to check this specifically for your printer.
  • Unknown error at the printer: The Princh Cloud Connector can detect an issue with the printer, but it cannot provide specific details about the problem. Typically, you can find information about the error on the printer's display.

If you're not able to resolve the error that is displayed, please contact Princh Support.