Security code for releasing a print job is missing, what should I do?

To release a print job using the 'Manual Release' feature, the user must remember and enter the unique 4-digit security code.

If a user does not receive or accidentally forgets the 4-digit code, they will be unable to release the print order or bypass the security code. In these situations, the document will be automatically deleted after 24 hours, and the money will be released back into the user's account.

To maintain security and ensure that only the intended user can release the print job, Princh has intentionally eliminated any methods of bypassing the 4-digit security code once it's been provided to the user. This way, only the user who received the code and completed the payment process will have the necessary access and information to release the print job.


As mentioned, if the user does not receive or accidentally forgets the 4-digit code, they can resolve the issue by resending the print job. They can either remember the new code or disable the 'Manual Release' code during the payment process, if this feature has been enabled for the printer.

  • The 'Manual Release' feature offers an additional setting that allows users to bypass the manual release process. This feature can be enabled or disabled for each printer based on your organization's preferences. For more information on how to enable or disable the 'Manual Release' & bypass feature, please refer to our detailed guide on this topic.

If the user is printing from home and planning to collect the print at a later time, or if the user simply prefers to have the code written down, we suggest utilizing the "Send Code By Email" option.