The Princh Welcome Center

After installation you'll want to inform your staff and users about Princh. All the tools you need can be found in the Princh Welcome Center.

The Princh Welcome Center offers a variety of tools that you can use to enhance your Princh services. Below is a quick overview and explanation of what is available through the Welcome Center.

To access the Princh Welcome Center, simply click THIS LINK.

Print Guides
-  In the Welcome Center you will find a Print Guide Poster Creator that generates all the information required for any visitor to learn how to print and pay with any device.

The Welcome Center also provides you with other useful materials and documentation, such as Information Cards which are smaller and easy to hand out to guests.

Staff Introduction presentation
- Also available in the Welcome Center are all the tools you need to introduce your staff to Princh. Starting with the staff introduction document – this is a presentation covering all the main points about Princh and it allows your team to get a good overview and understanding of Princh. This is also a great opportunity to field any initial staff questions about the solution. 

Staff Training Course - One very important tool found in the Welcome Center is the comprehensive staff training course which covers every aspect of Princh in detail, and reinforces the material with optional quizzes. This is a fantastic way to train new members of your team or provide individual training as a refresher. 

It’s important to allow all relevant team members adequate time to complete the staff training course. This will establish a high level of confidence with Princh and ultimately ensure a smooth implementation.

Promotional Material
- Princh has provided ready-made promotional items including headings, logos, and text blurbs which can be copied and pasted onto your company’s website and social media channels. It’s important to get the word out to your visitors that Princh is available, promoting the service will help to bring in more users for printing.