Pay at the desk

Princh facilitates all cash or card terminal payments through the “Pay at the desk” method of payment.

Besides the electronic payment methods, Princh also offers the option of either cash or card terminal payment methods. When users choose the "Pay at the Desk" payment method to submit a print job, the job will be sent to a release queue visible in the Princh Administration Panel. Staff can then release the job after receiving payment via cash or card terminal.

If the option does not appear: Each printer can be configured with different payment methods - read more about how to adjust payment a printers payment methods RIGHT HERE.

How does 'Pay at the desk' work?

  1. Once a user has uploaded their document and chosen their print preferences, they will be directed to the payment page. Here, they can select the 'Pay at the desk' payment method.

  2. After selecting the 'Pay at the desk' option, users will be asked to input either their name or a pseudonym. This information helps staff identify the printing orders associated with the user, which will be held for release.
    1. NOTE: The name or pseudonym that the user enters must be at least 4 characters long to ensure staff can distinguish between multiple pending orders awaiting release.
  3.  Once the user has entered a name or a pseudonym and clicked “Order Print”, the confirmation message will appear, stating that:” The print job is ready for release. Please contact the staff.".

  4. The user can then reach out to the nearest staff member, who will be able to help with the release. Utilizing the ‘Release Orders’ tab in the Princh Administration Panel, the staff member is able to identify the users order based on the entered name or pseudonym. Once the staff member has received cash payment for the print order, the order can be checked off and either: (1) Be deleted, (2) Be released, as shown in the example below. 

  5. Once the print job is released, it will automatically be moved to the “Today’s activity” tab, where staff will be able to see the printing status of the print order.
    1. NOTE: If the printer has the 'Manual Release' feature enabled, the print job will show a status of "Ready for release". In this case, the user can simply enter their 4-digit code at the printer to release their print job.