There are missing pages from the print job, what should I do?

If a print job is missing pages, there could be multiple reasons as to why.


It can be difficult to tell why a print job is missing pages. We have listed the most common causes and solutions below.


  • One of the most common reasons for missing pages in a print job is when the printer runs out of paper. To resolve this issue, simply check the printer to see if it requires more paper or seek assistance from the staff at your location.
    • While you are at the printer, make sure to check the printer panel for any additional error messages that may be displayed on the printer panel.
  • One or more pages in the document may be difficult for the printer to process, therefore stopping the print job mid print. In this case, we recommend "flattening" the document - essentially making the pages less complex and easier to process and print. A guide on how to flatten your document can be found RIGHT HERE
  • Connection to the printer was disrupted during the printing of the print job. In case of the connection being disrupted, we recommend checking the printer status from the Princh Administration Panel and restarting the Princh Cloud Connector from the 'Connectors' tab. If you do not have access to this, we recommend seeking assistance from staff at your location. 

If none of the solutions mentioned above are able to resolve the issue, we recommend contacting Princh Support for further assistance.