"Document content is unprintable", what should I do?

More complex PDFs e.g. government forms or PDFs with multiple layers can sometimes result in an error when attempting to print.


Multiple layers in a document can be more difficult for printers to process. We are aware of this issue and are continuously working on improving our compatibility. In most cases, the printing error can be quickly resolved by either "flattening" the PDF or converting it to a different format.


  1. For now, this issue can be circumvented by "flattening" the PDF - essentially reducing the complexity of the document, merging the different layers into one, making it easier for the printer to process the file. This will, in most situations, resolve any document errors that may occur.

  2. Convert the file to a different format. If flattening the PDF does not resolve the issue, and the print job still results in an error, we recommend attempting to convert the PDF to a different format like .JPEG, .PNG, or similar.

There are numerous online "flattening" tools freely available for use, such as:


DISCLAIMER: Princh is not affiliated, nor has any relation to the suggested websites. Upload of files to the suggested tools is at the users own risk.

If the solutions provided above do not resolve your issue, please contact Princh support.