How to download and install the Princh Cloud Connector on a Linux based print server

The Princh Cloud Connector installation file for Linux can be downloaded from the Princh Repository.

A connector is an instance of the Princh Cloud Connector service that enables admin users to connect local physical printers to Princh via the Administration Panel. 

Each connector created via the Administration Panel is unique and can only be installed on one printer server. Hence, if you have multiple printer servers as part of your Princh solution, each will need to have a unique connector installed.

Important: This setup must be done on a computer or server that will act as a printer server for your Princh solution and that does not already have a connector installed. Anytime you expect users to be printing on the associated printers, this server should be online and connected to the internet.


How to set up the Princh Cloud Connector on a Linux print server?

  1. Access any browser and navigate to the following address on the Linux machine where the Princh Cloud Connector is to be installed. Or alternatively, copy & paste the file to the correct machine if downloaded from a different machine:
      1. NOTE: If you're using a different Linux distribution to Debian, please replace 'debian' with the correct distro or reach out to Princh Support for the correct URL.

  2. Once the installation bundle has been downloaded, open the Linux Terminal and install the following packages needed to run the Princh Cloud Connector:

    1. $ sudo apt-get install jq
    2. $ sudo apt-get install dpkg-sig

  3. Navigate to the "Downloads" folder in the Linux Terminal. Or alternatively, navigate to the specific directory location where the Princh Cloud Connector installation bundle is stored.

    $ cd Downloads
    1. If the Princh Cloud Connector installation bundle is stored in a different folder, make sure to replace Downloads with the correct folder name.

  4. Once located in the correct folder, run the command:

    $ sudo dpkg -i “installationfilename”
    EXAMPLE: $ sudo dpkg -i princh-cloud-connector-
  5. After completing the installation of the Princh Cloud Connector, you will need a pre-configured file, config.json (provided by Princh), to finalize the setup. Once the config.json has been retrieved from Princh Support, the .json file must be copied into the folder "princh-cloud-connector". Execute the following commands or use your preferred method:

    $ cd “file location of config.json”
    EXAMPLE: $ cd Downloads
    1. From the directory where the config.json is stored, run the following command

      $ sudo cp config.json /etc/opt/princh/princh-cloud-connector/config.json
  6. Start the now installed PrinchCloudConnector service by running the following command:

    $ sudo systemctl start princh-cloud-connector.service

For instructions on how to add and configure printers on a connector, please refer to THIS guide.