"Connector failed to download document"

There are, in most cases, two main reasons as to why the Connector would fail to download a document.


If a connector is unable to download a document, it may be due to either an error with the document itself or a loss of network connection on the machine where the Princh Cloud Connector software is installed.

  • Case 1: If you've not yet attempted to restart the Princh Cloud Connector service, follow Case solution 1 below.
  • Case 2: If it is a document error, it will, in many cases, be possible to 'flatten' the document and resolve the issue. Please refer to the Case solution 2 below.


Case 1:

  1. Navigate to "Services" on the machine where Princh Cloud Connector was installed.
  2. Search for "PrinchCloudConnector" in Services.
  3. Right-click it and select "Restart".
  4. Now the Princh Cloud Connector will restart.
  5. Attempt to resend the job from the Princh Administration Panel in the 'Dashboards' or 'History' tab.

Case 2: 

  1. If it seems like the problem is related to a document error, we suggest referring to our guide on how to flatten documents.
  2. If none of the solutions above works then call Princh support or send us an email at support@princh.com.