Tablet Requirements

The following Tablet Requirements must be met in order to successfully implement and use the Princh Copy & Scan solution and the optional Manual Release feature.

A native app is available for Android Tablets and for newer Ricoh MFPs. It is also possible to run the user interface in a modern browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari) on other devices such as PCs and Chromebooks.

The full Copy & Scan Technical Requirements can be downloaded in a PDF-version.

Tablet requirements

  • Android tablet with a screen size of approximately 10 inches and at least Android 6.0.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • The tablet must be configured to prevent the user from closing down the Copy and Scan app. This can be accomplished either by using the built-in pin feature of the Android system or, preferably, using an MDM or kiosk software solution.

Ricoh MFP requirements

  • Most IM-series Ricoh MFPs support the embedded Princh Cloud Console application.
    • For information about which Ricoh MFPs support running the Princh user interface directly on the MFP display, please contact Princh Support.
  • The device(s) must be configured with the correct time and date according to your local standards. To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to configure the device to connect to a local time server.