Staff Resources

The 'Staff Resources' tab in the Princh Administration Panel provides an array of useful links for the members of your organization.

The 'Staff Resources' tab covers everything from online staff training courses to our support knowledge base. The resources are freely available to any member of your team, who has a Princh user account. 

If you need more information about Princh, we suggest exploring the 'Staff Resources' tab. It offers a wealth of valuable information and can often provide answers to any questions you may have about Princh.

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Staff training online course – click here

The online training courses are a great resource for staff to quickly and easily learn all about the Princh printing solution. Whether it's new staff members or current staff in need of a refresher, these courses are designed to provide informative and educational videos about Princh. Each video is followed by a short optional quiz to ensure that members of staff have understood the information correctly.

Welcome Center with instructional materials – click here

The Welcome Center provides a wide range of helpful materials and tools to assist your organization in getting started smoothly with the Princh solution. It includes Print Guide Posters, interactive guides, promotional materials, and many other resources to support your team.

Support knowledge base – click here

The Support knowledge base is a valuable resource for your team, providing quick and efficient answers to any questions that may arise regarding Princh. Whether it's related to the installation process, troubleshooting, or any other topic, the knowledge base is likely to have the answer you need.

Software releases – click here

The Software releases page is mainly designated the Princh IT-responsible within your organization or others in similar roles who are interested in keeping your Princh solution up to date. This page will provide information on every software release from Princh, ensuring that you are always aware of the latest updates and improvements to the system. 

Remote support – click here

The Princh Teamviewer Quick Support application allows Princh Support to establish remote connection to any server or PC that requires assistance. It's a user-friendly and convenient solution that enables Princh to assist you promptly and effectively without the need to download the full TeamViewer application.