Privacy by Design and Default

We, at Princh, take privacy and data protection very seriously. That’s why the solution has been designed with built-in data protection as a default from the very beginning.

Privacy-by-design and default is a developing mindset, that ensures privacy is integrated as a default and considered throughout the product development process.

In Princh, we have established our own "Secure Development Principles" to guarantee that security and privacy are inherent in day-to-day development, forming the foundation for secure development. These principles encompass 10 key aspects, with the first being "If not needed – don't collect".

Our primary approach to safeguarding user data is rooted in not soliciting personal details in the first place. The end-user does not need an account, nor is it possible to even create one. This means users are never prompted to enter their actual name or any other credentials to create an account for printing. In this way, Princh has been specifically designed to ensure users can always print anonymously.

Because printers are often located in public areas, we strongly recommend enabling the Manual Release feature for most printers. Manual Release provides users with a unique 4-digit code after payment, which must be entered at the printer to initiate document printing. This ensures that a user's document(s) will only print when the user is physically present at the printer to collect it. The document is available for printing for 24 hours after being uploaded and paid for, after which it is deleted.

In rare cases, document titles may contain personal information, such as a full name or date of birth. Therefore, we offer the Document Title Masking feature, which conceals all but the first 5 characters of the document name.

For documents to be released by staff, there is an option to enter a name for identifying a print job, ensuring correct release. When a name is requested, a nickname or pseudonym can be easily used, allowing users to remain anonymous if desired.