My print job printed in color, despite selecting B&W, what should i do?

If a print job is printed in color, despite selecting B&W, refer to our guide below!


On certain occasions it may be that print jobs come out in color, despite selecting B&W. Or the other way around. There can be multiple reasons as to why the print does not print the desired color, for example not having color printing enabled/disabled in the Princh Administration Panel for example. 


  1. Ensure that the printer settings has been configured through the Princh Administration Panel.
    1. Navigate to the Princh Administration Panel and go to the tab 'Locations & Printer'.
    2. Click on the blue 'Edit' button to customize the 'Printer & Copy prices' according to your preferences. In the same view, you have the option to enable or disable specific formats or colors. Please note that in order for an option to be enabled, you must set a price for it.
  2. In some cases, the printer may run out of B&W ink, causing it to automatically switch to color printing (cyan, magenta, yellow). Or the other way around. Check the status either from the printer panel or the printer web interface.

  3. Ensure that the native printer settings matches the desired settings in the Princh Administration panel, either through the printer web interface, printer panel or relevant print queue.

  4. If you are using a public PC, make sure to adjust the printing settings in the Princh print window that appears after selecting the print option, rather than selecting color in the Windows or Linux print window. This will ensure that your printouts match your desired settings and prevent any unexpected color or B&W prints.

The solutions are also applicable for situations, where print orders come out only in B&W.