Printer connection error

When you connect your printer using Princh, you can select different types of connection protocols, such as IPPS, IPP or Windows Print Queue.


Establishing a connection to the printer is usually a smooth and straightforward process as long as the Technical Requirements are met. However, there may be instances where you encounter an error while trying to configure the connection. In such cases, the solution can vary depending on the type of connection. To resolve the issue, identify the correct case based on your printer's capabilities and your preferred method of connecting.

  • Case 1: Connected using Secure Network Connection (IPPS) or Direct Network Connection (IPP).
  • Case 2: Connected using a Windows or CUPS print queue.


Case solution 1:

  1. Ensure the correct IP-address is used and the given TCP port allows for outbound traffic.
    1. The IP-address of the printer should be set to static to ensure a stable connection to Princh.
    2. Ensure that IPP(S) is enabled on the printer itself.
    3. Make sure that no IP-filtering or authentication has been set up (unless performed by Princh Support).
    4. Attempt to connect using different a different TCP port or URL path . Please refer to some of the common formats detailed below:

Common format

URL PATH:/ipp/print

Common format 2

URL PATH:/ipp/print

Konica Printers


URL PATH:/ipp/

Case solution 2: 

  1. Ensure that the Windows or CUPS print queue is created locally on the dedicated Princh print server or PC.

  2. Ensure that the name of the Windows or CUPS print queue is correctly entered into the Princh Administration Panel. We recommend copy & pasting the name directly from the printer properties.

  3. Test the Windows or CUPS print queue and ensure that it is possible to send a test print directly from the printer properties. 

We recommend connecting via Secure Network Connection (IPPS) and if that is not supported by the device, we recommend the Direct Network Connection (IPP), with a similar setup process to IPPS.