Print order does not appear in the Princh Administration Panel

If a print order does not appear in the Princh Administration Panel, but payment looks to be accepted:


If a print job is submitted, but cannot be located in the Princh Administration Panel, it may be because the file was not uploaded or processed properly by the system. This is, in most situations, due to the payment not being processed correctly and the Princh system therefore not receiving accurate information back from the payment provider. The print job will therefore not be visible in the admin panel - essentially because the print order was never created.

The value of the print order will not be withdrawn from the users bank account. The transaction may show as 'paid' or 'reserved' depending on the users bank provider and payment method. But the transaction will only be reserved in the bank account. After 1-72 hours, with most cases being under 1 hour, the payment will be cancelled and released back into the users account.


If this issue occurs, we recommend attempting one of the following approaches:

  • Contact staff to ensure that the printer is online and functional. Check potential error messages on the printer panel.
  • Ideally, the user should wait for a minute and then try again. The second attempt should be successful, allowing for both printing and payment to work correctly.
  • If the user has cash available, they can select the payment method 'Pay at desk'. Print orders that are paid for with cash will always be visible in the Princh Administration Panel.

If none of the suggested solutions work, please reach out to Princh Support.