Print jobs are stuck in "Queued"

The "Queued" status means that the Princh Cloud Connector is online, but unable to submit the print job to the printer.


When a print job is in the 'Queued' status, it means that it is still waiting to be sent to the printer. Rarely, a print job may get stuck in "In Progress" or "Error", causing the print queue to become congested on the printer, thus resulting in a halt of all printing activities for the specific printer until the issue has been resolved. If multiple new documents sent to the same printer become stuck in "Queued", we recommend following the steps below. 


In order to resolve the print jobs stuck in queue, there are a couple of things you can do:
  1. Check the display on the printer. If there is an error message on the printer display, see if it's something you can resolve.
    1. This could be an empty paper tray, connection lost to device or similar error messages.
  2. If the error is only happening on one of your printers, we recommend cancelling the affected print jobs from the Princh Administration Panel. Afterwards, restart the Princh Cloud Connector and attempt to 'Resend' the 'Queued' print jobs. This should, in most cases, clear the print queue and allow printing to proceed. 
    1. If you can see that the IP address has changed on the printer, make sure to revert the changes or reconfigure the printer connection using the new IP address. We always advise that your printer(s) are on static IP addresses.
  3. Cancel the print jobs from the Princh Administration Panel, reboot the printer and attempt to resend the affected print jobs.

If none of the above works call, please contact Princh Support.