Print jobs are stuck in "In Progress"

The "In Progress" status means that the print job was accepted by the printer correctly, but for some reason, the printer is unable to print it out.


When a print job is in the "In Progress" status, it means that the print job has been received by the printer and should start printing. However, in certain situations, the print job can get stuck "In Progress", despite having received the document. There could be a few reasons, as to why this happens, such as mechanical printer errors, connection loss or the configuration of the printer.


  1. Ensure that the printer is turned on and no error messages appear on the printer display. If the printer was turned off during printing or is being blocked by an error on the printer (empty paper tray, empty toner cartridge e.g.), the print job may become stuck "In Progress".
  2. Ensure that the printer is connected to Princh, by checking the status in the Princh Administration Panel. If the printer lost connection during printing, it may get stuck "In Progress". In this case, we recommend rebooting the printer to reestablish connection.
  3. Double check that no printer settings are intervening with printing, such as 'User Authentication' settings or similar. If you're unsure about how to configure your printer for Princh, don't hesitate to reach out to Princh Support.

If neither of the above resolved the issue, please contact Princh Support for further assistance.