Princh Cloud Printer (Princh for public PC's) application is outdated

Using an outdated version of Princh Cloud Printer? A guide on how to update the PCP application can be found below.


Ensuring that your Princh Cloud Printer application for public PCs is up to date is important in providing users with a seamless printing experience. You can always check if you have the latest version by navigating to our Release Notes page and comparing it to your currently installed version. 


Updating Princh Cloud Printer is very simple, as the installation file, depending on your OS system, comes with an 'updater' application already located on your public PC.

  1. Depending on your operating system, navigate to:
    1. Windows - Run the 'Updater' application found at the directory listed below and follow the instructions on screen.
      1. C:\Program Files\Princh\PrinchCloudPrinter
    2. Linux - Reinstall the latest version of Princh Cloud Printer over your existing version. Printer queues do not have to be recreated.
        1. Open the terminal.
        2. Run the following commands in the listed order:
wget -O pcp.deb

dpkg -i pcp.deb

rm pcp.deb
      1. NOTE: If your Linux distribution is not Debian, please reach out to Princh Support for assistance in obtaining the correct repository URL. 

Follow the instructions provided in the "Error" section to check the current version of Princh Cloud Printer and ensure that you have successfully installed the latest version. Keep up to date with all the latest Princh software releases RIGHT HERE.