How to uninstall the Princh Cloud Connector from a Linux based print server

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to remove the Princh Cloud Connector service from a printer server.

Uninstalling the Princh Cloud Connector may be required in certain situations, such as a migration to a different or updated print server. It's a simple process, which can completed with only a few commands using the terminal. For more information, please refer to the step-by-step guide detailed below.

Uninstall the Princh Cloud Connector using the terminal:

  1. Prior to uninstalling the Princh Cloud Connector, make sure to have the official name of the program file, in case it has been altered. Avoid using the program name itself (e.g., "avg.exe" instead of AVG Antivirus).
    1. The official name of the program file can be identified in the list of all installed applications. Run the following command to prompt a list of all installed applications:

      $ apt list --installed

  2. Once the official name has been identified, run the following command to stop the local Princh Cloud Connector service:

    $ sudo systemctl stop princh-cloud-connector.service
  3. Once the Princh Cloud Connector service has been stopped, run the following command in the terminal to uninstall the Connector:

    $ sudo apt remove "official file name"

    EXAMPLE: $ sudo apt remove princh-cloud-connector

  4. After uninstalling, remove remaining Princh files. Navigate to the following directory in Files and delete the folder "Princh":
    1. Computer/etc/opt/princh

The Princh Cloud Connector has now been uninstalled from your machine. If you experience any issues uninstalling the Princh Cloud Connector, please reach out to Princh Support for further assistance.