How to export printing data from the administration panel

You have the ability to export data from your Princh administration panel, which can provide you with valuable insights about the print history and traffic.

You can find a text and video based guide on how to export printing data below. For more information about what's included in the export, refer to the list detailed at the bottom of the article.


  1. Log into your administration panel at
  2. In the menu click on "History".
  3. Select what date range you want to export.
  4. When the date range is set, click on the button named "Export data from orders".
  5. Now an Excel form will be downloaded with the data.



What's included in the export?

Princh charges per page, but is still able to track both the amount of unique documents uploaded and also the total amount of orders.

  1. Orders: Overview of total amount of orders. One order can contain multiple uploaded documents
  2. Documents: Overview of total amount of documents. One document can contain multiple pages
  3. Pages: Overview of total amount of pages.
  4. Revenue: Overview of total revenue gained for the selected period. Revenue is divided into two categories:
    1. Revenue gained from the payment method "Pay at the desk".
    2. Revenue gained from electronic payment methods (GooglePay, ApplePay etc.).
  5. Printing format: Overview of printing characteristics
    1. Amount of pages printed in each available paper size
    2. Amount of pages printed in both color and B/W.