Acquiring an overview of the print traffic using the 'History' tab in the Princh Administration Panel is simple and smooth.

The 'History' tab offers a comprehensive summary of your organization's printing history, dating back more than a year. The 'History' tab has intentionally been designed to mirror the interface and functionality of the 'Dashboard' tab and still provides most features, such as the ability to delete and resend jobs.

However, there are a few additional options available to enhance your printing experience:

  1. You can easily filter and view your print history based on specific time periods.
  2. You can easily export an Excel file containing printing data from a specific time period. This feature allows you to conveniently analyze your printing history- and traffic.
    1. For more information on how to export printing history-and traffic, please refer to THIS GUIDE.
  3. You can also filter your print history based on the device from which the print job was sent.
    1. You can achieve this by selecting the option from the drop-down menu located in the top right corner.

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