Payment window spontaneously stops loading

If you encounter a situation where the electronic payment window stops loading, but starts working again a minute later, the issue may be specifically related to the Wi-Fi or public network.


The cause can could be payment packets being dropped because the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is exceeded. The MTU is the largest size packet that can be sent over a network connection. Routers will fragment or drop packets that are bigger, potentially causing the electronic payment window to stop loading.


  1. Before progressing to the troubleshooting step detailed below, please ensure that the device has a stable internet connection and double check that other windows can be opened successfully. 
    1. Ensure that the device is up to date with the latest OS version.
  2. A good technique to avoid packets being fragmented or dropped, is to lower the MSS. Network vendors refer to this as TCP MSS clampingTPC MSS ceiling, or TCP MSS adjustment. Please refer to THIS GUIDE, provided by Adyen, for further information and guidelines on how to avoid payment packets being dropped or fragmented. 

NOTE: Changing the MSS value affects all your network traffic. So before you start lowering the MSS, contact your network support team or the support center of your network vendor.