How to set your Princh Printer up on windows printer queue?

Setting it up requires the printer to be added to the windows print queue

When connecting your Printer via Princh you will have the option to select between different connection types. Connecting via Secure Network Connection(IPPS) is our recommended connection type. Set that up using THIS guide.

If the IPP connection is not successful, you can instead use the Windows printer queue. This printer must first be added to your devices on the computer and it cannot be shared. If it is shared, re-add the printer but do not share it. 

1. Copy the local printer name from the printer properties.

2. Go back to Then click the 'Connectors' tab on the left of the admin panel screen 

3. Click 'Edit' on the printer you would like to change the connection type. 

4. From the drop-down list on your admin panel, select “Windows printer queue”.

5. Input the local printer name from the printer properties in this box. Then click next.

6. You should now get this message. 

7. If it is successful, restart the connector. 

If this is unsuccessful, please contact