How to install Copy and Scan on a tablet

Princh Copy and Scan requires an Android tablet to be operated from

  1. Open up the Play Store on your Android tablet.
  2. Search for "Princh Cloud Console" and install it.
  3. The first time you open up the app, it's going to ask for a login. Here you can use the same email and password as you're using in the Princh Admin Panel. (
  4. Next, it's asking for the printer ID that you would like to use the copy and scan feature on. You can find this printer ID in your Princh Admin Panel. (
    Note! You are able to allow for print jobs sent to other printers to be released on this tablet. Just check off the box and activate manual release on the printer, from the admin panel.
    Here you have a link to more information about the Manual release function.
  5. If everything is OK, you will see a confirmation page.
  6. Depending on what you have activated on the printer, you can now choose "Scan to Email", "Copy" or "Release Print Job".