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How to add a printer to a connector

This guide explains how to add a printer to a connector and configure the local connection to the printer.

When signed in to the Admin Panel as an admin user, open the "Connectors" page from the menu on the left.


Locate the connector to which you wish to add the printer and click "+ Add new printer".

From the list of available printers, click "Add" on your desired printer. The list only shows printers that are not currently assigned to a connector, including newly created printers. For information on how to create a new printer, follow THIS guide. 


Before the printer can be used, a local connection to the printer must be configured.  If your printer supports the IPP protocol AND has support for native PDF printing, a direct network connection is recommended. To configure the printer using a direct network connection please follow THIS guide.


If the printer does not meet both of these requirements but is installed as a windows print queue on the printer server running the connector, you may follow THIS guide instead to set up a local print queue connection.


After configuring the printer connection, it is necessary to restart the connector on your printer server by clicking the "Restart Connector" button. The restart will take approximately 20 seconds. Once the connector has been restarted, the printer is ready for use. You can verify that the printer is online and ready by opening the "Printers" page from the menu on the left and checking that the printer has a green tick. 


If you need help please contact support@princh.com