How do I install Princh on our public PC's? (Windows)

Princh has a software called Princh Cloud Printer (PCP) that can be installed on public PC's to make it even easier for patrons to print

  1. Sign in to your Princh admin panel ( with an admin account.
  2. In the menu, click on "Locations & Printers".
  3. On the location, you can see that there is a button saying "Download PC Client For Location". If you click this, an automatic download will start with a file that can be used on your public PC's.
  4. Be aware that the file will include all printers on that single location. If you only want the downloaded file to contain a specific number of printers, use the button that is found at the top, saying "Download PC Client (Custom)"
  5. After the installation has been completed, you can now find a printer in the printer overview on the PC. Set this printer as default to make it even easier for your patrons.
  6. When someone is making a print to this printer, a small Princh window will now appear that the user can use to print from.

    If you encounter any issues when trying to install our have questions to our software, please contact Princh support.